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If you didn't know or haven't seen, excitement is building around the Campbell High School Campus!

A new 10.41 million dollar gymnasium is being built for Campbell High School. Initially, completion was

expected by October 2017 in the front parking lot of the present Nash gym. But with early summer steady

rains the realistic completion may be pushed into 2018. 

Like other IB World Schools, Campbell High School attracts students with its Diploma Programme (DP).

Then it goes a step further by supporting them with a system designed to make sure they succeed.  

In order to attract and retain DP students, Campbell takes a two-pronged approach. First, it reaches out

across the entire school district, meeting with parent groups, visiting middle schools, hosting information

nights, attending community events and finding any other avenue possible to share information about the

IB DP at Campbell. Campbell also strengthened its support systems for 9th - and 10th graders to help

them approach DP subjects more confidently in grades 11 and 12. Older students mentor the younger

ones, and both teachers and students offer tutoring to provide extra help. After all, academics come first!

You are only as good as the educational fundamentals you have to fall back on!

This bodes well for the future of Campbell basketball! With housing selling at a rate not

seen in the past 14 years due to the influx of the Braves and business interest in the area,

now is a great time to call yourself a proud member of Spartan Basketball. The Spartans

compete at the highest level of competition in the state and are normally represented in

the state playoffs. Coach James Gwyn is excited about his boys team sharing a new facility

after spending 20+ years as the head Boys Basketball coach. "I am very excited," said

Coach Gwyn "If a lot of our young guys continue to work hard on their skills and improve,

they could help themselves."


Two middle school players in particular took a futuriistic stance and dedicated an amount

of time to working out with the program, competing and getting confidence in games in

summer of 2017 with the JV boys team during the month of June. Artavious (Tae) Philpot

and Emmanuel "Manny" Duaney will be 2 of the key pieces for Coach Terence Bridgeforth

during the 2017-2018 Campbell CCJBC season as rising 8th graders. Both have caught

the attention of Coach Gwyn. "Manny is a solid student and has a lot of potential. He is

playing in national tournaments and is dunking. I see Tae working hard on his game and

is improving. If he continues to improve and keep his focus, by the time he gets to high

school he may be able to help us."


When asked about the high basketball turnover rate at the middle school level in general

and how it affects them, Tae's mom Diane says 'Oh, we are coming to Campbell!'

And with the upcoming excitement and solid futuristic educational and basketball foundation

they can get, why not?